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Successful completion of this quiz is required in order to be considered qualified to prepare allergy vials for allergen immunotherapy and to fulfill one component of the Allergen Immunotherapy Extract Preparation Guideline.  If you wish to read these guidelines before taking this quiz, they may be accessed at Allergen Immunotherapy Extract Preparation Manual (Dec. 2012)

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There is no charge to take the quiz for members and/or their staff. When completing the contact information, enter your email address. For the “Employer’s Email,” enter the email address where the ACAAI member receives ACAAI email (i.e. The Allergist’s Brief newsletter).

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The Quiz consists of 31 questions. You will need to answer each question correctly before you are allowed to continue on to the next question. You must complete the quiz in one 60 minute session. If you cannot complete the quiz (which should take 30 minutes) in one sitting, you will have to start over (and pay again) when you re-enter the site. When you successfully complete the quiz and end your session online, a certificate will be immediately sent, by email, to you, to your employer and to the Advocacy Council office.

If you have any questions about the quiz, or are having problems accessing it, please call the Advocacy Council office at 847-427-1200. We wish you good luck.


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